Using rfigshare for Figshare for Institutions

I’m new to R and could use some help. We recently licensed Figshare for Institutions, the branded/customizable version of public figshare. I’m wondering if I can use rfigshare with my institutional portal. how would that look? e.g. to query my portal, upload data to it, etc.
Initially I had tried using the Figshare API in R using the httr and jsonlite packages and am having some trouble with authenticating.

thanks for your question Amy.

Short answer: I’ve no idea.

Do you know of any documentation/information on Figshare for Institutions we could look at?

The API documentation supposedly applies to both versions of Figshare?!/articles/articles_list

and the attached Figshare for Institutions summary. I have a few other docs but they are more like user guides (end user and admin).


thanks for this, i’ll take a look soon