ECMWF Public datasets

ECMWF have many public datasets (for example the ERA-interim global reanalysis dataset and a few CAMS datsets) that can be accessed programatically. There are API:s for a bunch of languages but not for R.
Maybe something for the rOpenSci community? The Python API seems well worked through, so maybe somebody here with Python knowledge that could port that to R?

The CAMS datasets have a bit restrictive terms today, but I heard they will get less restrictive sometime soon.

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The CAMS Radiation service belongs to the same EU/Copernicus funded project as the CAMS near-real-time and MACC reanalysis datasets hosted at ECMWF, but is hosted and accessed differently. I’ve an implementation in R for accessing that data which I could provide, though it would need some improvement if to be made public.

Thanks for your post @lukas-rokka

Makes sense to make a new package for ECMWF data, yes?

Would you be interested in maintaining or helping to maintain the R package? Would go through our process as well to get some peer review

Well, I was hopping that some API client wizard would feel up to it. I’ll make R interface to parts of the ECMWF public data sometimes soon, so I see after that how much work it would be to make full R package out of it.

I made my R client package for the CAMS radiation service public now at That one I would be happy to onboard to ropensci.

Since it was your idea, wanted to make sure you had the chance to maintain the package. And it often works better if maintainer of a pkg is familiar with the data (Which it sounds like you are)

Definitely submit to if/when you’re ready