Seeking package collaborators!

Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets which works with the free, cross-platform, open-source software QGIS. It includes community-contributed, peer-reviewed data from ten different scientific themes and a professionally-designed basemap.

The quantarcticR package is intended to provide access to Quantarctica data sets for R users, without needing QGIS to be installed. R users can use these data sets with e.g. the raster, sp, or sf packages.

quantarcticR is at an early stage of development, and we are seeking one or two package collaborators to help bring it to the point of being usable by the broader R/Antarctic community.

This opportunity is suited to someone who has an interest in geospatial data and a working knowledge of R, but not necessarily package development experience. We can (within reason) help you get up to speed with the package development process if you don’t have this experience. See the issues page for some likely first development tasks that we have already identified.

Reply here or contact Ben directly if interested.

Charlène Guillaumot & Ben Raymond (message (requires login) or email


I’m interested! I am an aspiring GIS professional, and I know a bit about R package development. Very much looking to improve in both areas.


Hi David! Great! “Know a bit about package development” might be underselling yourself, from a quick squiz at your github account! I’ll PM you in Slack …

I would also be interested in participating. I have a bit of experience with geospatial data (mostly QGIS from working in photogrammetry a bit). I am starting to develop R packages at work, so this is a nice opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


Thanks @mdesgroseilliers! QGIS experience would obviously be helpful! Can you please ping an email to the address and we can talk in more detail.

Update: we now have three interested collaborators, thanks @daranzolin, @mdesgroseilliers, and Kim Fitter. That fills this particular opportunity, but of course anyone else interested in Antarctic or Southern Ocean projects is very welcome to get in touch: there are plenty of fun things going on!

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