Relaunching the qualtRics package

Author: @juliasilge

“… I have … reviewed several rOpenSci packages … but I have never submitted or maintained a package myself. All that changed when I heard the call for a new maintainer for the qualtRics package. “IT’S GO TIME,” I thought. :sunglasses:

“Qualtrics is an online survey and data collection software platform. Qualtrics is used across many domains in both academia and industry for online surveys and research, including by me at my day job as a data scientist at Stack Overflow. While users can manually download survey responses from Qualtrics through a browser, importing this data into R is then cumbersome. The qualtRics R package implements the retrieval of survey data using the Qualtrics API and aims to reduce the pre-processing steps needed in analyzing such surveys.”

Julia talks about changing the names of all the functions in a package already being used in the real world while using it to analyze data from the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. :flushed:

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