rOpenSci | Help make qualtRics better! Users/testers wanted

One of the best things about open software is that it can be a community project with contributions from people other than just the maintainer. Sometimes those contributions are opportunistic, and sometimes maintainers solicit specific contributions, and that’s the case here!

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according to the GH issue, the mailinglist problem was solved 18 months ago.

Are you able to use the current version of the package with mailing lists successfully? If so, that would be super helpful information to have.

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using fetch_distributions() would test this, is that correct? That is working for me on an older version of the package and R that I have deployed. I can test it locally with a newer version, please confirm that’s what is needed.

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The functions that folks were having problems with were:

  • all_mailinglists()
  • fetch_mailinglist()
  • fetch_distributions()
  • fetch_distribution_history()

If you can confirm that these work for you with the current development version of the package (install via remotes::install_github("ropensci/qualtRics")), that would be super great!

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Hi, I am interested in helping on the authentication and credentials front, but a little unclear on how to get involved on that based on this post?