QualtRics - batch download of pdfs submitted with surveys?

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Hi, please do let me know if this should be posted elsewhere or as issue on the repo.

Qualtrics can accept the submission of a pdf document as part of a survey. Can qualtRics be used to batch download the pdf submissions to a folder? This is, along with batch download of responses as pdf, is a frequent question on the Qualtrics community board. Thanks much.

I don’t know, do you know @juliasilge ?

We don’t currently support this, mainly because the last time I looked into this, it’s not clear that this feature is possible within the current API. Here is some discussion on this issue:

If you find info or documentation on support for this feature in the Qualtrics API, please do add it to that issue and we can see about getting support set up in the qualtRics R package. :+1: