`osfr` - interface with the OSF from R

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Hi everyone,

A few years ago I was e-mailing with Karthik about a package to interface with the Open Science Framework from R. I then got to some work, left it, got back to it, left it for a while and although there is now a reasonable alpha version, there is much improvement left. You can find the Github repo here and a demo I did last november here. It’s not yet on CRAN.

Currently it has basic functionality: upload files, download files, create structures, if I remember correctly move files, so there are some basic things in place.

Karthik recommended opening up a topic here so discussion can take place. Feature requests more than welcome, and I’ll update this post every now and then for an overview.


Feature requests

[ ] Default the OSF_PAT argument to the environment variable value (thanks @thosjleeper!)
[ ] Documentation at the package level (i.e., ?osfr; thanks @thosjleeper!)
[ ] Adding addons (e.g., Github) to OSF repo (thanks @benmarwick!)



I would be inclined to make the OSF_PAT part an argument to the functions that defaults to the environment variable value. That gives users flexibility about the authorization workflow and is, I think, Hadley’s recommended practice.

I also didn’t see package level docs available from ? osfr (sorry if I missed them), but I find that an important aspect of any package.

Small thing: your copyright year in LICENSE should probably be 2016-2017.


Wow, yes, this is great to see again (I saw the demo last year), thanks for creating that package! Currently I count on my OSF repo mirroring my github repo, which seems to work quite well. But it would be handy to control some of this from R.

Could I request one ‘feature’? Would it be possible to have a minimal readme that demos some of the core functions of the package, from the perspective of a typical project situation? That would be very helpful to see how this can be incorporated into an existing workflow and toolkit. Thanks!


Ben: We should also include OSF as a backend in the recipes I talked about.


Thanks for the warm welcome and the suggestions. I updated the feature requests and cross-posted them as github issues to work through.