preprint on rotl (R open tree of life) package

Hi all,

Francois Michonneau, Joseph Brown and I are happy to let you know that we’ve just posted a pre-print of a manuscript describing “rotl”, a package that grabs data from the Open Tree Of Life project:

We’d be very happy to hear any thoughts you have about either the manuscript or the package. You can leave comments at the PeerJ website or post issues at the repos for the the package or the manuscript source. If you have any praise to give, you should direct it to Franscois, who has done a lot of work to get this package ready for users and to write this manuscript.

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Thanks for posting here :pencil: I’ll have a look at the MS soon

Where do you prefer comments? on peerj site or on github? @dwinter @francois_michonneau

Thanks Scott, we’re happy to take comments however you can provide them. But I guess everyone with an interest in the MS will see comments at PeerJ, so that might be the best place.

Okay, :monkey_face: it is then - i guess that’s not too close to the peerj monkey, anyway…

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