WARNING when checking with winbuilder and/or kniting

I’m getting this error with both getCRUCLdata and the GSODR packages when I check with WinBuilder. Everything seems fine but the rOpenSci footer now does this with the winbuilder check

checking top-level files … WARNING
Conversion of ‘README.md’ failed:
pandoc.exe: Could not fetch https://ropensci.org/public_images/github_footer.png
TlsExceptionHostPort (HandshakeFailed Error_EOF) “ropensci.org” 443

and this locally when knitting

pandoc: Could not fetch https://ropensci.org/public_images/github_footer.png
HttpExceptionRequest Request {
host = “ropensci.org
port = 443
secure = True
requestHeaders =
path = “/public_images/github_footer.png”
queryString = “”
method = “GET”
proxy = Nothing
rawBody = False
redirectCount = 10
responseTimeout = ResponseTimeoutDefault
requestVersion = HTTP/1.1
Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 67
Execution halted

Any thoughts? I’ve got some updates for these two packages ready to submit to CRAN but don’t want to with a WARNING, even if it is only in the README.

I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with pandoc - @jimhester linked to https://github.com/vincenthz/hs-tls/issues/152

A number of people have asked about this in #general channel in our Slack as well (you can search there too for more discussion of this)

also related i think https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44136481/render-code-for-google-chart-in-rmarkdown-rmd

Thanks. I thought it was related to this, but I’m still not clear what the solution is. I can’t upgrade anything on CRAN and the first link says the issue is closed six months ago now. Is there something I need to add to my README to get this to pass?

Why is this just now popping up? Previously this hasn’t been an issue with the footer, just now with the new version, though that may just be coincidence.

Also, I’m not on the Slack channel, how does one get an invite?

Sorry about that, Slack invitation just sent to you now

For now, you can change your link to the image to use http instead of https - though may not work since we have a redirect now to https - if that doesn’t work just remove image for now

Thanks Scott. Got the invite, joined. Will see what I can do with the footer.

I had to remove the footer for now. It would knit, but winbuilder still complained.

Thanks for the help with this and the Slack invite

Sorry about the trouble, will let you know when we can use footer image again.