Hi Community, hope you are fine.
Mi name is Agustin and i am from Argentina.
I am working in a public proyect related COVID together with a public University.
I have made a form with ODK and also made a server in ODK central. Now, i want to use ruODK, to get the data visualization and analysis and put it in the web and also, i hope, i can use it together with Shiny.
Once i want to install the packaging i receive this notification.
I used the code you share in the topic about the installation of packaging.
Hope anyone can help me.
Best regards,

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@florianm are you able to help?

Yep, happy to help!

The logs say the dependency “raster” failed to install.
@agustino try to install raster and see what errors you get.

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Cross-link to @agustino’s post on the ODK forum with more details: ODK central - Shiny and Markdown in R - #4 by Florian_May - Support - ODK Forum

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thanks Florian, seems that the problem comes from the version of RStudio.
When i want to install the packaging i receive the following error.

Oh I just noticed you’re using R 3.4. Probably a safe bet to upgrade R first, then all installed packages, then install raster again.