ruodk and kobotoolbox

I would like to use ruODK to export data from a kobotoolbox form, api for researchers (not humanitarian associations)
what is the URL?
I run this code

    url = Sys.getenv("ODKC_URL"), 
    un = Sys.getenv("ODKC_UN"), 
    pw = Sys.getenv("ODKC_PW"),
    tz = "Europe/Rome",
    verbose = TRUE
ruODK::project_list()” doesn’t work at all
while “” tells me

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle): Protocol “” not supported or disabled in libcurl

Thank you

@florianm are you able to help?

Maybe the kobotoolbox server is ODK Aggregate, so not ODK Central???

Hi @bonushenricus,

KoboToolbox is running a different server IIRC.

They have their own forum at and hopefully some API documentation.

There’s an R package called koboloader (see also ruODK vignette comparison) A Metapackage for Survey Data Crunching • koboloadeR

ODK Briefcase seems to work with Kobo too, so that tells us that the Kobo API supports the OpenRosa endpoints like Aggregate and Central, but likely not the other Central endpoints which ruODK relies on.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Florian
koboloader has a lot of dependencies, it takes a long time to install, and it has a lot of features that don’t interest me
version 0.1.2 might be for me, but it has a problem (see here
Finally I found the karpi package

Good to hear. Since Kobo is not ODK Central, ruODK definitely won’t work.