Using vcr for HTTP testing of a package for Kobotoolbox

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We - a couple of volunteers from data4good network CorrelAid developed a wrapper for the API of Kobotoolbox, a data collection tool widely used in humanitarian aid. For testing the package functions, we used the vcr package and the HTTP testing book.

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Disclaimer: while we were developing, another package for the exact same purpose was published which is maybe better than ours (e.g. it uses labelled to store question labels as well): Ahmadou Dicko / robotoolbox · GitLab :slight_smile:



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humanitarian, non-profit

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Thanks for the use case! :star2:

The package topic actually reminded me of @dickoa’s work interests. :grin:

Oh didn’t know about kbtbr package, it looks great. It’s true that KoBoToolbox is everywhere in my space (humanitarian data) and I also had the same questions regarding testing. @florianm package was my main motivation to finally give it a try and publish it. I think ruODK uses a dedicated server for the test. I wanted to touch base with him regarding his experience using vcr for testing. It’s one of the main question I had before trying to push it to CRAN (+ improving my vignettes) and/or r-universe.

Thanks a lot @maelle for tagging me.

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Hi @friep,
Your package looks great, and I’m also a huge R6 fan. I was not sure if I could use vcr for this one (large subs, etc), but your work showed that it can be done.
Thanks again

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