rOpenSci | Troubleshooting Pandoc Problems as an R User

The Pandoc CLI by John MacFarlane is a really useful tool: for instance, rOpenSci community manager Yanina Bellini Saibene recently asked Maëlle whether she could convert a Google Document into a Quarto book. Maëlle solved the request with a combination of Pandoc (conversion from docx to HTML then to Markdown through pandoc::pandoc_convert()) and XPath. You can find the resulting experimental package quartificate on GitHub. Pandoc is not only anecdotally useful: it’s part of the R Markdown machinery, and powers Quarto. So, whether you’re juggling documents in various formats or simply trying to publish your reproducible analysis, you might have been using Pandoc (even if you didn’t know!), or maybe you should be using Pandoc.

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