Shiny crash question

Any shiny experts around? I’ve got a shiny app in a package that works for most of my users. However, one user opens up data and it crashes every time she tries a new tab (not the default tab). “R Session Aborted…R encountered a fatal error”

Her sessionInfo's are identical to mine, we’re on the same Chrome, and she’s up-to-date on RStudio. I’m at a bit of a lose.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to start troubleshooting after that?

If you are interested in trying it, the package can be found here:

Once it’s installed;


Then, in the “Load Excel File Browse” button, there’s an example data set in the “extdata” folder (inst/extdata) called “OWC_data_fromSup.xlsx”

She can load that data, see it on the map, but then any other tab crashes the shiny session.

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Thanks for your post @ldecicco-USGS

Just installed the pkg, and run the app. And the file upload works for me.

I’ll dig into this more soon and see if I can find anything.

Other shiny people might be able to help: @haozhu233 maybe ?