Creating App Program to Download eBird DataSets and Create Visualizations

I represent a birding organization that is looking to create a shared software program that can download datasets from eBird and then create custom visualizations (trends, ranges, mapping, abundance, etc) and save this information from an easy-to-use GUI. Not sure if I need an R programmer to hire for this work or can we incorporate existing Data Analytics software in the market to do this work. Need help on finding a company or person to help with this undertaking or is this something that we can undertake using 3rd party software?

This definitely sounds like something that could be done with R and Shiny, a platform for building web apps (dashboards) that use R. I think there are freelance R/Shiny developers who you might be able to hire, but I have no personal experience with that.

If you are looking to create a piece of software that the user downloads and uses locally, that might be different.

Thanks for the info Joe. Im looking at all options. What local software are you referring to that has these capabilities? We use eBird to acquire the datasets but sure about how to get the visulizations afterwards with that data. Possibly some Data Anaytic software to make this happen but we want to make it easy for our users who have limited tech abilities. Maybe hiring a good R/shiney programmer is the answer too…

What local software are you referring to that has these capabilities?

Sorry, my reply may have been unclear. I meant that if you want to develop local software (a GUI), that would be a completely different matter from using R. I don’t know what is the best programming language to use for that situation.

By the way, there is an R package to access ebird data: eBird Data Extraction and Processing in R • auk

Once you got the data locally, something like tableau or Exploratory might do the trick

Thanks Pietr - I will investigate these companies!

Thank you Joel! I’m familiar with that link and now need to find someone to do the programming.