Reply by email?

Do we have reply-by-email enabled? My last reply (sent from my email, apparently to didn’t seem to appear on the thread…

Looks like this might be a configuration setting that needs to be enabled:

The thread in the inbox only gives the link to reply online at the moment.

Looking into this, thanks @cboettig

@cboettig hmmm, i think we should wait until is back up, that might be causing some problems here… is back up, but we are still trying to work out some bugs in email delivery

links are fixed now so that link bases should be, still need to tweak some things before this works…

replying from email…

Just discovered that replying by email and including inline replies doesn’t work – Discuss wants avoid requoting the whole thread, so it just drops everything after the previous reply started, including all of the inline replies.

I tried pasting my responses into the web form to create a new reply, and these rendered okay in the web box (though were left hard-line wrapped – I thought markdown didn’t do that unless the line ended with double space, maybe that’s pandoc only). More problematically, my pasted in replies got all messed up in the email version, with some copy-paste text shown as if it were quoted, even though it was part of my reply and not the original query. Looks like Discuss is trying to be too smart here, assuming that my copy-paste text should be formatted as if it were quoted, rather than just rendering it the way the markdown formatting tells it to be rendered. Very annoying.

Sorry about that! I’ll look in the meta discuss forum to see if there’s any discussion of this. I guess I don’t ever reply by email so I don’t think about pain points around email replies.