Anything you don't like about this site?



This site is an installation of Discourse - an open source piece of software. We are hosting it ourselves. Thus, we can change many things about it.

So - if there are things you don’t like about this discussion forum, do let us know!

If we can change it, we’ll do so if it makes sense, benefits the majority of users, and there are not too many strong objections.

If you are curious, there is a discussion forum for Discourse, using Discourse, so meta. At

Thanks much! S


I use “mailing list mode” to get pretty much anything on this by e-mail, but Discourse also sends me e-mails of my own posts in this case. Not sure it’s possible to turn this off. It appears to have been an outstanding issue a couple of months ago:


Thanks @noamross for the idea. I’d also prefer not to have that.

Looked around in settings for the site, and didn’t see anything, which makes sense given that issue you linked to doesn’t seem resolved.

I’ll keep an eye on that topic and implement it when its incorporated.