Discourse code review?


There’s a new Discourse plugin for code review https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-code-review/103142 - See especially here https://review.discourse.org/ for an example

Do ropensci editors @maelle @annakrystalli @geanders @karthik @noamross think this is of any use to us? Whether for software-review submissions or anything else?

My gut feeling is it probably doesn’t fit our use cases, but just thought I’d ask to make sure


Thanks @sckott! I don’t think it’d be useful for software review.

I was wondering whether it’d be something to offer to package maintainers but why would one comment on commit rather than use GitHub’s features for pull request reviews?


i don’t know really - the discourse folks found it useful which makes me think there is a good use case or else they wouldn’t have made it, but that doesn’t mean it suits us