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Welcome to rOpenSci Discuss! A place for asking questions, reporting bugs, connecting with others in the community, discussing use cases, and more.

What is rOpenSci Discuss:

  • This site is for everyone!
  • You can find questions from other community members here, and answers to their questions.

Logging in:

  • You can login in one of 4 ways:
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Email notifications:

  • Note that email notifications from this site may get sorted in your email client to various places, so be sure emails from discuss.ropensci.org aren’t being lost if you do in fact want them.

Writing posts/replies


  • In Markdown syntax, a link within parentheses like (http://google.com) does not resolve to a clickable hyperlink. If you want your link active, put spaces between the url and the parentheses like ( http://google.com ) or use Markdown syntax like [http://google.com](http://google.com). Discourse discussion topic on this.

Google Chrome extension

A google chrome extension for Discourse is available. You can install in Chrome, then get notifications without having this forum open in a tab. You also get desktop notifications.