R Wrapper for the CORE API

So CORE (https://core.ac.uk/intro/api) apparently provides an API on top of >25 million ‘green’ open access deposits.

An R wrapper for this API might perhaps encourage more people to use and explore this aggregation, both for search and for text mining. It could form part of the fulltext package, or given (perhaps preferably given the variability of quality and format of deposits) it’s own package.

If there already is an R wrapper for this, do let me know.



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Hey Ross! Didn’t know about the CORE site or API. Do you use it much?

Looks useful indeed. Seems complex enough to be a separate R client, and then we could pull it in to use in fulltext

I confess I haven’t used it much so far, however in my current project I am increasingly looking into grey literature for ANY reports (whatsoever) on IUCN Threatened plant species, so I have good reason to start using it!

On the political front I think it would be nice to support / raise awareness of such non-profit efforts to harness the fragmented mess of ‘green’ open access content in repositories. The more people that use CORE, the better it will get so… I’m going to try and start using it! :wink:

started here: https://github.com/ropenscilabs/cored


HI all, Have a spin with the package, not all API methods are implemented yet but there are a number there, and good time to settle in on the pkg API people like

README has installation and examples https://github.com/ropenscilabs/cored#install

Thanks Scott! I’ll have a go with it at the weekend.