Package to deposit data to Zenodo?

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I am looking for a way to programmatically reserve DOIs and to submit data packages to Zenodo.

Is there an R package to do this?
I have seen ropensci/zenodo: but it seems to be non-operational yet, and Home · eblondel/zen4R Wiki · GitHub

Any recommendations?

I would think zen4R would be the way to go since it’s on cran/seems actively maintained. Have never used it though

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I will dig into it, and see if it makes everything possible I would need.

It seems the the one point which I am missing at the moment, is the “reserve DOI” feature, but I filed an issue at the GitHub site.

This has been answered by the maintainer - see How to reserve a DOI? · Issue #37 · eblondel/zen4R · GitHub

If anybody has used it, please let me know and give me some feedback.


@rkrug you might be interested in our community call Dec 16 The Wild World of Data Repositories.

Thanks. Sounds very interesting.