Announcing rdopa

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a R package to access data available through the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA) developed at the Joint Research Centre of the European Comission. Package rdopa just wraps around DOPA’s RESTful services providing various data on protected areas globally. So far the package only wraps a couple of services, but it’s still very much work in progress.

Contributions also more than welcome! @sckott: how about transferring the package over to rOpenSci GitHub organization for better visibility?

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hey @jlehtoma - This looks great. We’d love to have it in the ropensci suite. I created a team within our org account for this package, and invited you. You should see that invite soon, then you can move the package over.

Excellent, thanks! I tried to transfer the repo over to rOpenSci (after accepting the invitation), but I get this:

GitHub help page states that:

Users must have admin or owner rights within the receiving organization before they can transfer a repository that they individually own. If the user does not already have this level of access, a temporary admin team can be created with only the user. The user sending the repository is the only one who can perform the transfer.

Does the team you created have admin access enabled? You can disable this again once the transfer is complete.

Sorry about that. Well fix the permissions…

Okay. Try it again. Just changed to admin access

Worked like a charm, transfer now done.

Great! Glad it worked this time