Missing package in website list

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Dear all,

I noticed that our MODIStsp package, which was recently onboarded on ropensci, apparently does not appear in the list of approved packages on https://ropensci.org/packages/

Would it be possible to add it? I tried to do that myself by making a pull request on the website, but did not find out how…

Thanks in advance,



:wave: @lbusett! Good catch, thanks!

I’ve added your package to the list, now it appears on the website. :tada: The current registry is a gigantic JSON file maintained by hand by @sckott (a lot of work). :clap: See the repo here.

He and I have been working on a less manual way to update it, via in particular the use of codemetar, so in the future the transfer of a repo should mean the package will automatically be in the registry. :sweat_smile:


@maelle many thanks! :+1: