Major package update of rebi and question regarding re-submission

I just want to let you know that I have updated the rebi package, which facilitates access to the Europe PMC Restful API, and I am looking for comments before submitting it to CRAN.

The package now reflects the rOpenSci Packaging Guide. However, since I firstly submitted the package to rOpenSci in summer 2013 and made major changes to it only in the last days, I wonder if it makes sense to re-submit the package through rOpenSci onboarding mechanism.

What do you think?

thanks for your question.

@noamross not sure we have a precedent for this situation, thoughts?

I think it makes sense for us to solicit reviews for a major update in our suite, and since we want to to familiarize reviewers with our system, it’s best to do so through the onboarding mechanism.

Great, will re-submit it via the onboarding mechanism by tomorrow.


great, thanks @njahn