Is there a location for rOpensci programming conventions?

I am starting to work on the traits package, and was wondering if there is any documentation aimed at developers - something like a CONTRIBUTING file, but presumably more generic (not specific to any particular package).

For example, is there a list which packages to use, how to send warnings / errors, how to write tests, requirements for a successful pull request (tests, documentation, style)?

For example the PEcAn Project developer wiki mostly contains project-specific information, and refers to Hadley’s books as a canonical reference:

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We have this material in a wiki in a github repo.

I’ve been revisiting this and will continue to update and make it better.

Everyone, do please give us feedback on these wiki pages.

This page is probably the best single page on the wiki to look for our conventions

@dlebauer I added a bit about pull requests and contributions

make sense?

Yes, these resources definitely help to understand the expectations - which
are reasonable, but nice to have defined.

Would it make sense to have a in each packages’ root that
points to these wikis? The nice thing about this file is that GitHub asks
’have you read these instructions’ when submitting a pull request.

Thanks for this!

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Yeah, we probably don’t have that many pkgs with that file, mostly since we don’t get contributions from the community on most packages, but it would be good to have, and maybe help make the path to contributing more clear. Will work on getting these files in more pkgs.

hi again @dlebauer - We will likely be coming out with an rOpenSci style guide soonish, so we’ll ping this thread again when that’s up

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One more update:

We started a new repo with packaging guidelines

It’s still in development, but that will be the place to go from now on for ropensci packaging guidelines