Code of Conduct?


Hi all,

as I’m interested to start contributing to this project, I started reading the website and looking for a Code of Conduct, so I could get an idea about the vibe of the community, about expected behaviour and maybe find some guidelines.

I did find out that there are community guidelines, but they only seem to apply to the discussion board, and also they miss certain important points a proper CoC needs to address.

So - is there currently a Code of Conduct in place for the Ropensci project? If not, are there any plans to adopt one in the future?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @katsel ,

We’re glad you’re interested in contributing! We have a CoC but I think because our communication is fragmented over many different online venues it may not be displayed prominently enough. Here it is in our package onboarding site:, and our conferences and our conferences site: We also ask our package contributors to include a CoC for their own projects.

I’ll see about getting it up on the main site (issue here), and linking to that from the front page of the forum.


Thanks @katsel for raising this point. We do indeed want to make sure our community guidelines are clear and easy to find. We’ll ping back here when we have something on our website.

Please do point out thing that are missing :slight_smile:


Hi @katsel,
rOpenSci has arranged a Community Call for Dec 15 on “How do I create a code of conduct for my event/lab/codebase?” Details here:

We’ll use this as an opportunity to review and update our own CoC and make sure it’s easily find-able on our site as we update it. Please do make any suggestions for things that are missing.

Hope you can join us for the Community Call. There is time set aside for Q & A.