Using rOpenSci Code of Conduct on GitHub project

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rOpenSci asks that all reviewed packages use a code of conduct such as the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

But at the same time, rOpenSci has its own custom code of conduct and from what I understand, it also applies to GitHub projects hosted on rOpenSci account:

It applies to all modes of interaction online including GitHub project repositories, the rOpenSci discussion forum, Slack, Community Calls, and in person at rOpenSci-hosted events or events officially endorsed by rOpenSci, including social gatherings affiliated with the event.

I prefer rOpenSci CoC a lot over the less detailed Contributor Covenant CoC. Would it make sense to include it in my GitHub project instead of the Contributor Covenant CoC? Shouldn’t this be the recommended default anyways since it apparently already applies?

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Good idea! I’d be in favour of using the suggestion you had made in and make the code of conduct the default for all repos cc @sckott @stefanie

If you don’t end up doing, another option would be to provide a function in rodev, à la usethis::use_code_of_conduct(), and encourage users to use this CoC instead of the Contributor Covenant CoC

For future reference the discussion was continued in Clarify section on Code of Conduct? · Issue #240 · ropensci/dev_guide · GitHub

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