rOpenSci | Introducing the rOpenSci Community Contributing Guide

Many people in our community actively contribute to rOpenSci projects. Many others would like to contribute but aren’t sure how to go about it. Wanting to get involved in rOpenSci or “give back to open source” means different things to different people. Ideally, a person should be able to find a way to contribute that meets their needs and fits our mission. We created the rOpenSci Community Contributing Guide to make finding paths to contributing more transparent and sustainable.

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I am interested in translating the rOpenSci Community Contributing Guide into Japanese.
Should the translation be done personally?
Or is it better to work with the original project in some way?
(For example, use gettext to send a pull request to the original project.)

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Hi @kozo2,
I’m rOpenSci’s Community Manager and an author of the Guide. Thank you for your interest! I see that you’re on the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board, along with “friend of rOpenSci” Leonardo Collado-Torres.

I’ll get the rOpenSci team’s input and reply.

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