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A few thoughts: Would it be useful for rOpenSci to have some kind of pre-prepared templates, visuals, propaganda for conferences in which rOpenSci packages will be presented? Do such things exist? Have there been any discussions in this regard? Is it worth having an additional (git?) page where contributors can give details of conference presentations or published papers focussing on or using rOpenSci packages?

Hi @mpadge - thanks for the question.

WRT pre-prepared things:

We tried out an ambassador program, and we put together a kit of slides in different file formats here

@karthik Do you suggest people still use the above materials?

WRT contributors activities

I currently scan the literature semi-manually, semi-automated every two weeks or so - but I’d definitely welcome people posting info/links for conf. presentations and papers and anything else similar. Would you contribute to such a thing? e.g., a github repo where you’d open an issue with a link to your paper, or send a pull request? we could also suggest folks just send an email if that’s easiest

Thanks for the note @mdpage
We used to have an ambassador program for this explicit purpose last year. There weren’t many takers so we didn’t pursue this further. We are in the process of revisiting this issue (with new templates, posters, and runnable examples). Once we have a better sense, I will update this thread with more details.

Please do get in touch ( if we can help more immediately with an upcoming conference.

Thanks @sckott and @karthik for the responses. I feel like it would definitely be helpful for rOpenSci to have some kind of repo holding details of publications, presentations, etc., and I would definitely add stuff to that. In regards to conference presentations, I wasn’t thinking so much an ambassador program, more just a slide or two max that could be inserted in a presentation to give a brief overview of rOpenSci. I just presented my package at a conference without any mention of rOpenSci, and you definitely would have got some publicity if I had have had ready access to a slide or two. I’d reckon this would be a fairly common situation, and so thought i’d just ask. I’ll look forward to updates on this thread …

Like mpadge, I often now give presentations where I use one or max two slides to talk about rOpenSci (basically screenshots of the front page and the packages list). I like the slide decks but in practice most conference presentations are now about 20 mins max. So I think a single slide or two as a talking point would help with awareness raising.

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Thanks @mpadge and @poldham for the feedback. As Karthik said, we’re working on new templates, etc. and we’ll let you know when we have something to use