Access targets created with stantargets::tar_stan_mcmc

I am trying to fit a series of models to different data subsets using the targets, tarchetypes, and stantargets packages. I cannot figure out how to access the targets created by stantargets::tar_stan_mcmc. The below will create targets like fit_mcmc_mod1_case1 and so on. But I cannot find a way to access these targets in subsequent targets. For example, how would I call fit_mcmc_mod1_case1$loo() further down in the list of targets? I always get an object-not-found error when trying to name the targets generated by stantargets::tar_stan_mcmc.


models <- c("mod1", "mod2")

list (
    name = the_data_file,
    command = "data/",
    format = "file"
    name = the_data,
    command = get_the_data(the_data_file),
    values = list(case = c("case1", "case2"),
      name = fit,
      stan_files = file.path("stan_models", paste0(models, ".stan")),
      data = get_case_data(the_data, case),
      stdout = R.utils::nullfile(),
      stderr = R.utils::nullfile()

:wave: @thk686! Thanks for posting your question. You’ll have more answers by asking in targets forum itself. Thanks for your understanding!