rOpenSci | How r-universe searches for packages on CRAN / Bioconductor

Last month we explained how r-universe makes it easy to search and browse through the countless R packages, articles, and datasets to let you discover and learn new things. We are continuously growing this database by adding more R projects, to guide you through everything the R ecosystem has to offer.

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Hi, thanks for the post!

I have a little package in r-universe that is also on CRAN.

However, despite the fact of having put the gitlab source in DESCRIPTIONS’s URL and BugReports, r-universe keeps displaying a question mark next to the CRAN link, with a tooltip that says that it was not able to match the source.

I don’t understand why. Here are 2 theories:

  • It’s a non-official GitLab instance (i.e. not on, but on
  • I’ve put the source as the second link in the URL field, not the first

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Thanks for the post. Can you open an issue in GitHub - r-universe-org/help: Support and bug tracker for R-universe?