Where to go observe birds in Radolfzell? An answer with R and open data

Authors: Maëlle Salmon, Mark Padgham

This post is the 1st post of a series showcasing various rOpenSci packages as if Maëlle were a birder trying to make the most of R in general and rOpenSci in particular. Although the series use cases will mostly feature birds, it’ll be the occasion to highlight rOpenSci’s packages that are more widely applicable, so read on no matter what your field is! Moreoever, each post should stand on its own.

A logical first step in this birder’s guide to rOpenSci is to use R to find where to observe birds! In this blog post, we shall use rOpenSci packages accessing open geographical data to locate and visualize where to observe birds near a given location.

Read the full post here: http://ropensci.org/blog/2018/08/14/where-to-bird/

I was just now reading this post on my commute- looks good and well-written, just that I cannot see / scroll the full lines of code on my mobile.
Is this something that could be improved? Thanks for the work either way!

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Thanks for the comment. This is a known issue for us that is on our to-fix list.

Next post in that series will be up Aug 21 :slight_smile:

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Thanks @RolandASC for your comment that motivated us to solve https://github.com/ropensci/roweb2/issues/126 at last! Now you should be able to read code chunks on mobile. Please tell us if not! :smiley_cat:

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I‘ve been delighted to see this- and such a swift response! :+1:
It does take a bit of practice with the two scroll bars (at least for me on my mobile :sweat_smile:), but it works fine and I‘m happily using it. Many thanks and sorry I didn‘t get to reply here any earlier!

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Yay, glad to hear it works!