What are these birds? Complement occurrence data with taxonomy and traits information

Author : Maëlle Salmon

This post is the 4th in a series showcasing various rOpenSci packages as if Maëlle were a birder trying to make the most of R in general and rOpenSci in particular.

Thanks to the second post of the series where we obtained data from eBird we know what birds were observed in the county of Constance. Now, not all species’ names mean a lot to me, and even if they did, there are a lot of them. In this post, we shall use rOpenSci’s packages accessing taxonomy and trait data in order to summarize some characteristics of the birds’ population of the county: armed with scientific and common names of birds, we have access to plenty of open data!

Read the full post here: https://ropensci.org/blog/2018/09/04/birds-taxo-traits/