What birds are observed near Radolfzell? Bird occurrence data in R

Author: Maëlle Salmon

Thanks to the first post of the series we know where to observe birds near Radolfzell’s Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, so we could go and do that! Or we can stay behind our laptops and take advantage of eBird, a fantastic bird sightings aggregator! As explained by Matt Strimas-Mackey in his recent blog post, “The eBird database currently contains over 500 million records of bird sightings, spanning every country and over 98% of species, making it an extremely valuable resource for bird research and conservation.”.

Luckily for us, there are no less than two rOpenSci packages giving us access to eBird data! In this blog post, I shall play with both of them, highlighting their respective strengths, while discovering what birds are observed in the area.

Read the full post here: http://ropensci.org/blog/2018/08/21/birds-radolfzell/