Unlock R functions with QR codes

rOpenSci package or resource used

The opencv package.

What did you do?

Wrote a demo function that only returns an answer when you present a QR code to your device’s camera that encodes the correct ‘password’.

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There’s a blog post and Mastodon post.

The function:

add_one <- function(n) {
  string_in <- opencv::qr_scanner()
  password <- RCurl::base64Decode("b3BlbmN2IHNlc2FtZSE=")
  if (string_in == password) {
    cat("🔑 Correct password!\n")
    n + 1
  } else {
    stop("Wrong password!", call. = FALSE)

Running the function will cause opencv::qr_scanner() to open your device’s camera. QR codes presented to the camera will be decoded. If the correct password is encoded by the QR code, then the function will print a result (so add_one(1) will return 2). (Note that the password is exposed in the body of the function, so I’ve ‘hidden’ it behind base64 encoding.)


An R function, 'add_one', is executed. The device's camera is activated and a QR code is presented. Back in the terminal, the phrase 'correct password' and the answer, '2', are printed.



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