StackExchange Community Promotion Ads

Would it be a good idea to create community promotion ads for StackExchange sites? Might be a good and free way to promote the organization. I’m thinking StackOverflow or Academia.SE, but maybe there are other sites where it would be appropriate. OpenData doesn’t seem to be running ads this year, otherwise that would be an obvious place, too.


And there is this incipient open science one that I just saw on the software carpentry list:


Cool, good idea @thosjleeper

Do you know if we can do ads on more than one site?

thoughts @karthik @cboettig

I imagine you can, as I think they’re run independently, but I’m not 100% sure.

makes sense, i’ll check

Would it be a good idea to create community promotion ads for StackExchange sites?

Do these cost us anything in terms of $? Stackoverflow on the R tag might be a good idea since that is where our biggest target audience would see it.

i think they’re free, from the description:

Here is your chance to create a Free Vote-Based Advertisement for an Open Source Project.

Sounds like a no brainer then. let’s do it!

I have this on the list of things to do, thanks for bringing this up @thosjleeper

Any thoughts on what we put in our ad? Link to ? or to the community page? or here?

And for the image, the RO of ropensci or the whole ropensci image?

And any words on the image?

Help make R tools more awesomer

FWIW I’d happily add an rOpenSci advert to my personal website to help promote the project too, if you post the PNG somewhere.

I suggest linking to the main rOpenSci page: and the words are fine but perhaps without the last “r” on “awesomer” (though I did see what you did there :wink: — but that might just be me getting old…?

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heh, i actually wasn’t trying to add the r as in the language - agree, too much r there.

Awesome that you’d be willing to advertise - @karthik thoughts?

@thosjleeper @ucfagls

Okay, sorry for the delay, but it is up now

maybe something a bit tidier for people to post on their websites than the one I just added to SE?

Nice! Just up voted.