Software Engineers - open source scientific software at Stanford's Natural Capital Project

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Three software engineering positions open. Domain experience is highly valued: ecology, geography, earth & environmental sciences, geospatial. Full description follows.

The Natural Capital Project, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

The Natural Capital Project, an interdisciplinary partnership among academics, scientists and policy makers, is seeking engineers to join our small software team at Stanford University to help us maintain our existing tools and develop our next-generation platform.

Our software team develops and maintains a family of open-source software tools and libraries including InVEST, our suite of ecosystem service models, and PyGeoprocessing, our geoprocessing pipeline, as well as several other related projects. We also provide support for data processing, numerical computation, server maintenance, and whatever other tasks ease a scientist’s workload. Our daily work includes design documents, source control, code reviews and test suites and our software toolkit includes Python, BitBucket and a bit of Google Cloud. We’re fans of “The Soul of a New Machine”, “The Pragmatic Programmer”, and “JavaScript: The Good Parts”.

Our software team has been working at the Natural Capital Project for the last 8 years and we are hiring engineers to help us develop our next-generation platform that will address critical issues common to ecosystem service analyses. This platform includes the integration of cloud data services into InVEST, distributed computational infrastructure and an end-user workbench. We’re seeking engineers with experience in scientific software development, numerical programming, user interface implementation and cloud development, but we’re especially open to engineers with a track record of developing and deploying any kind of significant software project.

To apply, submit a traditional resume or CV with work and school experience, as well as a cover letter describing why you would be a good fit for this position. If possible, please include examples of a code portfolio or links to any software you have developed. We’re also interested in other things you’ve created such as books, art, designs, anything that shows a standing dedication to long-term projects, even dating back to childhood.

Our main offices are located on the beautiful Stanford University campus, and we offer a relaxed and flexible work environment.

Feel free to check out our work on BitBucket ( and on GitHub (


  • BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent required
  • Experience developing and deploying a significant software project


  • Experience in open source software development or software for scientific applications
  • Experience scripting or programming in GIS especially the GDAL and OGR libraries
  • Experience with distributed computing, container technologies or cloud development
  • Experience in user interface design and implementation, especially with Qt5 or a modern web-based UI framework such as React or Angular
  • Experience developing desktop software for multiple operating systems

For more details, and to submit an application, see requisitions #84955 and #84925 on the Stanford Careers website.

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