rOpenSci Hiring for New Position in Statistical Software Testing and Peer Review

Are you passionate about statistical methods and software? If so we would love for you to join our team to dig deep into the world of statistical software packages. You’ll develop standards for evaluating and reviewing statistical tools, publish, and work closely with an international team of experts to set up a new software review system.

We are seeking a creative, dedicated, and collaborative software research scientist to support a two-year project in launching a new software peer-review initiative. The software research scientist will work on the Sloan Foundation supported rOpenSci project, with rOpenSci staff and a statistical methods editorial board. They will research and develop standards and review guidelines for statistical software, publish findings, and develop R software to test packages against those standards. The software research scientist will work with staff and the board to collaborate broadly with the statistical and software communities to gather input, refine and promote the standards, and recruit editors and peer reviewers. The candidate must be self-motivated, proactive, collaborative and comfortable working openly and reproducibly with a broad online community.

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