About the Statistical Software Peer Review category

This category is for discussion related to our project developing software peer review system for statistical software in R packages and beyond. We invite you to join us in developing standards for peer-reviewed evaluation of statistical software.

rOpenSci runs software peer review for R packages focused on data lifecycle management. To apply these processes to software implementing statistical methods and algorithms, we need new ways of evaluating and testing software, and managing the review process.

Documentation of this process occurs in a living online book at https://ropenscilabs.github.io/statistical-software-peer-review . We welcome discussion in that repository’s issues or in this forum.

For this project we are lucky to have support of a great steering committee. The commitee’s role is to help us with outreach to statistical communities, vetting community input and prioritizing our work. They are:

This work is supported by the Sloan Foundation and is organized under an R Consortium Working Group.