Programming/Big-data position in Leipzig/Germany: “Scientific specialist in geo-computation“ - Apply by 31 August!

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We’re offering an attractive position for a postdoctoral researcher at iDiv/UFZ (Leipzig, Germany) on
“Patterns and drivers of global land-cover & land-use changes” (2-3 years) - Detailed information at

Global environmental problems are usually vast and complex. Analysing such problems implies the need to overcome various computational challenges. It requires using powerful tools and smart programming techniques to efficiently process huge datasets. To tackle these challenges using cutting-edge methodologies in a highly interdisciplinary environment, we are looking for a Scientific Specialist in geo-computation to join our Macroecology & Society group at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research Halle-Jena-Leipzig (iDiv).

Job description:

  • supporting various scientific projects with data analysis and computation tasks
  • scripting geo-processing routines to develop and analyse large spatiotemporal datasets
  • handling of diverse datasets in the 100s of GBs to TBs dimension, ranging from global high resolution time-series of raster layers derived from remote-sensing (e.g. land-cover/-use, climate, biodiversity) to large socioeconomic databases
  • contributing to the dissemination of project results via journal publications, media presentations, etc.
  • fostering knowledge transfers within the group, e.g. by designing and annotating code for easy re-usability or through occasional informal workshops

Requirements/expected profile:

  • successfully completed MA degree (or equivalent) in computer science, geo-informatics or another relevant field
  • practical experience in (geo)informatics at some point in your career
  • high motivation and skills to develop efficient solutions for large geo-processing tasks
  • prior experience in command-line based geo-computation using open source programming is expected (ideally in a Linux environment)
  • ability to tackle challenges in a solution-focused manner, including familiarizing yourself with new tools as appropriate for the task at hand
  • experience in version control (e.g. Git) and routine documentation of workflows is expected
  • proactive, team-oriented and with strong communication skills in English

We offer:

  • an exciting technically focused scientific position with a competitive salary in a highly dynamic working environment
  • workplace with state-of-the-art computational tools and datasets, while being fully integrated into our working group
  • contributing to cutting-edge research on global environmental challenges
  • access to iDiv’s powerful high-performance cluster computing resources, designed to facilitate huge processing tasks within a short amount of time
  • ability to spend time expanding your own IT skills in order to tackle difficult assignments
  • regular knowledge exchange with iDiv’s researchers and informatics units will be encouraged

Applications are accepted until 31.08.2018

Applications should include:

  • cover letter describing motivation, interests & relevant experience
  • curriculum vitae, including a detailed account of relevant technical skills/prior experience
  • access to one of your recent IT/ geo-computation projects relevant to this position (e.g. link to GitHub depository)
  • one letter of recommendation of a former employer/ professor
  • digital copy of BA/ MA certificate

Applications with reference file number 185/2018 are accepted via our application portal under We prefer applications via our application portal, hard copy applications can be sent to German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research – iDiv; Franziska Hübner; Deutscher Platz 5e; 04103 Leipzig. For queries on the application, please contact Franziska Hübner (; for project-related questions, contact Dr. Carsten Meyer (