Postdoc position in Leipzig/Germany: “Patterns and drivers of global land-cover & land-use changes“ - Apply by 31 August!

We’re offering an attractive position for a postdoctoral researcher at iDiv/UFZ (Leipzig, Germany) on
“Patterns and drivers of global land-cover & land-use changes” (2-3 years) - Detailed information at

Land-cover and land-use changes (LULCC) are important components of global environmental change with profound effects on biodiversity, climate, and socioeconomic systems. To address fundamental questions regarding the patterns and drivers of global LULCC in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment, we offer an exciting two-year Postdoc position at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research Halle-Jena-Leipzig (iDiv). The project is supervised by Dr. Carsten Meyer (head of iDiv’s Macroecology & Society group).

Job description:

  • carrying out empirical research on patterns and drivers of recent global LULCC, by employing cutting-edge statistical tools to analyse large spatiotemporal datasets
  • targeted work aims at quantifying generalities, scale-dependencies, and possible systemic changes in the relationships between LULCC and selected drivers
  • developing time-series for selected LULCC drivers, complementary with recently developed global gridded time-series of various land-cover/land-use variables
  • setting up and annotating analysis scripts within a longer-lasting infrastructure for global land-use analysis
  • leading the dissemination of project results via journal publications, conference presentations, media presentations, etc.

Requirements / expected profile:

  • successfully completed PhD in a project-related field
  • high motivation and skills to analyse large environmental datasets (up to several TBs dimension)
  • prior experience in command-line based geo-computation, spatial/spatiotemporal statistics, open source programming languages (ideally in a Linux environment), and version control (e.g. Git)
  • excellent track record of first-author publications in high-impact multidisciplinary or leading disciplinary journals is expected
  • pro-active, team-oriented and with excellent communication and written skills in English

We offer:

  • highly dynamic working environment
  • collaborations within and beyond iDiv are envisaged
  • opportunities to contribute to graduate school teaching
  • access to powerful high-performance cluster resources and support by iDiv’s informatics units

Applications are accepted until 31.08.2018.

Applications should include:

  • cover letter describing motivation, research interests & relevant experience
  • curriculum vitae, including a detailed account of relevant skills/prior experience
  • access to one of your recent geo-computation/statistics projects relevant for this position (e.g., paper, GitHub depository)
  • digital copy of your best first-authored journal publication
  • one letter of recommendation as well as contact details of two scientific references
  • digital copy of PhD certificate

Applications with reference file number 186/2018 are accepted via our application portal under We prefer applications via our application portal, hard copy applications can be sent to German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research – iDiv; Franziska Hübner; Deutscher Platz 5e; 04103 Leipzig. For queries on the application process, please contact Franziska Hübner (; for project-related questions, contact Dr. Carsten Meyer (