rOpenSci | Working with Qualtrics Data - Part 2: Excluding Data

In the last post, we used the qualtRics package to import survey data directly from Qualtrics accounts. I often use Qualtrics for survey data collected via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which is an automated system that connects online respondents to paid surveys. However, sometimes those data are not super useful because the quality of the data is poor. In the anonymous, large-scale market of online survey respondents, the financial incentives for completing surveys attract respondents who blast through the study just to collect the money or, worse, automated bots programmed to act like humans and reap the incentives. 🤖 As a scientist, I’m collecting survey data to understand human nature, so I’m looking for honest responses. But low-quality data can be common in online surveys, and not just on Mechanical Turk.

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