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Webinars and community calls are a great way to gather many people to discuss a specific topic, without the logistic hurdles of in-person events. But whether online or in-person, to reach the broadest audience, all events should work towards greater accessibility. In particular, it is difficult for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to follow the conversation because of low quality video hindering lip reading, or for non-native speakers because of low quality sound.

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We’re continuing to add notes in a thread as we learn more and figure out how we can adopt best practices without significant budget.

Update: Subtitles on video, and full transcript added to collaborative notes doc for Dec 2020 call on The Wild World of Data Repositories.

Had a great experience using ($ subscription). I glitched during the Community Call and did not have Otter Live Transcript turned on. HOWEVER, After the event, I uploaded the video of the call to Otter, made easy edits (e.g. add speaker names, fix org names), exported the transcript text file (which gives choice of how many lines of transcript you want per element), and uploaded transcript file to the existing video on vimeo. The video-text sync is really accurate! Interface was intuitive.