Community Calls Feedback

We hold a community call once every 6 weeks. The goal of rOpenSci community calls is to get someone(s) doing interesting work in the space of open data/open science on to talk about their work, and allow community members to engage with them.

This post is about checking in with the community regarding our community calls.

The following questions are simply to spark conversation. Answer any you like or discuss any other topic. We just want your feedback!

  • What topics do you want to see covered?
  • Any people in particular you want to hear from?
  • What format do you like?
    • One speaker? Many speakers?
    • Software demos? Concepts? Group discussion? Something else?
  • What topics do you want to see?
    • We usually have a speaker talking about R software. What else do you want to hear about?
  • What factor makes it more likely that you’ll attend? Time of day? Day of week? Content of call?