Community Call Tues Mar 7, 2017: How to ask questions so they get answered!

How to ask questions so they get answered! Possibly by yourself!

rOpenSci Community Call, Tues Mar 7, 8-9 AM PST / 4-5 PM UTC

All are welcome to call in, listen to some experts, and if you like, chime
in with your questions or favourite resources via collaborative
note-taking. We’re hoping to put a blog post together about this, so come
share what you know.

  • James (JD) Long will review the historical challenges of getting R help and give some history about how the [r] tag on Stack Overflow was bootstrapped.
  • Jenny Bryan will talk about the mechanics of making reproducible examples using the reprex package. Just as important, she’ll discuss the philosophy i.e. that forcing yourself to make little, rigorous, self-contained examples makes you think more clearly about programming.
  • Scott Chamberlain will show you how best to raise issues and ask questions on rOpenSci packages
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