rOpenSci Vancouver Community Meetup: Transforming science through open data and software

rOpenSci is holding our annual staff and leadership meeting in Vancouver, so we’re taking the opportunity to share what we do and, if you’re interested, how you can get involved. Join us for a series of 7 short talks and demos followed by informal networking over snacks & refreshments.

Monday, March 12, 2018, 5:30-9pm
Ground floor lecture theatre at BCCRC
675 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver BC

Read the blog post here for details:

Wil this meetup be available to see online?

Thanks very much,

+1 for webinar/posting the talks online if possible

It’s not currently arranged to broadcast or record but I know that would be valuable. I’ll look into it and post answer here - likely next week.

rOpenSci Community Manager

OK , Thanks that would be great!


Quick question, is the meetup open to everyone and do we need to register? Thanks.

Open to everyone. No RSVP required. Bring your SFU colleagues and friends!

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Haven’t forgotten your question about recording, Barbara - still a chance we will webcast but I can’t confirm yet,


thanks Stefanie, I really appreciate that!


We’re out of luck Barbara. The webcasting / recording system at the venue is under repair so will be delivered in person only.


Hi Stefanie,

That’'s ok I really appreciate you trying anyway, thanks very much for that. Maybe some people will write up some stuff and make it available, that would be good too.

Thanks again,


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Slides from presentations:


Thanks a lot for this. The docker one looks especially interesting.

pdf of docker slides added @rywhale

thanks stefanie a lot for this, i really appreciate a lot. will have a long night reading now. may i ask you some questions in case i won’t understand something? it is just i also need to read for some project we’re currently undergoing so it might be hard for me…

I could try to point you to additional resources if needed

@prosoitos Bringing discussion over here for a local touch.

Since you’re involved in SFU’s Research Commons as an R Peer and other open source initiatives (Cheatsheets Feedback) I wanted to note the R Study Group now hosted at UBC’s Research Commons! SFU connection via @ttimbers formerly at SFU.

You’re likely to find some like-minded people there (a trek to UBC, I know). And some participants, like @SimonGoring are familiar with rOpenSci

For the benefit of folks here, @prosoitos posted this in another thread: Cheatsheets Feedback

Thanks stefanie. ttimbers started SciProg with others at SFU (and I met her through SciProg) before moving to UBC and creating the UBC group. I am a SciProg admin and involved in the group. I also know SimonGoring who was still in Biology here when I already was.

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Our “Who we are” page badly needs updating though… :stuck_out_tongue: and Tiffany is still on it.

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