rmangal: making ecological networks easily accessible

Authors: Kevin Cazelles, Steve Vissault

“Ecological networks are defined as a set of species populations (the nodes of the network) connected through ecological interactions (the edges). Interactions are ecological processes in which one species affects another… The Mangal project standardizes ecological networks and eases their access. Every dataset contains a collection of networks described in a specific reference (a scientific publication, a book, etc.). For every network included in the database, Mangal includes all the species names and several taxonomic identifiers (gbif, eol, tsn etc.) as well as all interactions and their types. Currently, Mangal includes 172 datasets, which represents over 1300 ecological networks distributed worldwide.”

The rmangal package allows users to search for all entries in the Mangal database in a very flexible way in a way that is as user friendly as possible.

rmangal has been reviewed and approved by rOpenSci and is on CRAN. Following-up on their experience, the authors detail the reasons why they wrote rmangal, why they submitted our package to rOpenSci and how the peer review improved their package.

Read the full post: https://ropensci.org/blog/2019/10/21/rmangal/

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