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This is my first post here, I hope I am in the right channel.

I have developed a software (my first one!) and I want to publish it to obtain a DOI number and a related publication.

I am biologist so this is really new to me.

I was thinking about publishing here using a MIT licence.

Have you any advise about journal/licence for that?
Any other advise is welcome

Thank you in advance

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:wave: @cantoflor_87

Thanks for your question! Yes, this is the right place.

JOSS is definitely a good option. It’s a proper journal, and you’ll get a paper and DOI from that.

Another option is to use Zenodo where you put your code in a GitHub repository, then login to Zenodo, switch on integration for your repository, then make a git tag, then you got a DOI!

You can of course do both. and I think JOSS maybe wants you to do Zenodo as well, not sure.

MIT is a good default license for sure.

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