PostDoc/RSE position at GESIS, Cologne - Building a Computational Research Platform for Social Scientists

Dear rOpenSci Community,

I am leading a team in the Computational Social Science Department at GESIS, Cologne, Germany and I am looking for a PostDoc/RSE (4 years with possible tenure afterwards) who wants to help building a research platform for social scientists who take there first steps in computational analyses, specifically with digital behavior data.

The two main tasks are: creating content (tutorials, software libraries in R or python, documentations) and taking over the role of the platform “editor”. The editor is supposed to define the scope of content for the platform by, e.g. reaching out to the community to find out the needs that need to be addressed.
There are two hard-ish constraints:

  • You would need to relocate to Germany (but we have good remote working policies)
  • Your research needs to be somewhat related to computational social science

If you are interested and want more details, you can get in touch with me here or via my institutional address