New package: wellknown

We’re happy to finally release the first version to CRAN of wellknown

wellknown is an R client to convert WKT to GeoJSON and vice versa.

Inspiration partly comes from Python’s geomet - and the name from Javascript’s wellknown (it’s a good name, eh).

WKT to GeoJSON are two formats for encoding a variety of geographic data structures.

Yes, you can essentially do what this pkg does using existing tools in R. However, this tool tries to make it easier to do the WKT/GeoJSON conversion without having to think about how to do it. Plus, this package does it with minimal dependencies, basically just the JSON parser jsonlite (magrittr is nice to have sugar). In addition, we try to make it easy to go from R classes you’re most familiar with (like data.frame, list) to WKT or GeoJSON.

on CRAN: CRAN - Package wellknown (binaries soon)
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